Count Dubulah  is a guitar and bass player, writer, remixer and producer, from Finsbury Park, London.

He has also worked under the names Tax D, Kid Ouzo, Plato Page and Psycho Karaoke.

A Greek mother (writer and photographer) and English father (painter and writer), both music lovers got him started on the path he is still on it!

After getting thrown out of music college for being a little too passionate about tunes,  surrealism and jaffa cakes.

Dubulah started working with (amongst others) singer [popuppress id=”207″] and bass player [popuppress id=”127″](Massive Attack, and everyone.

He was a founder member of influential top 40 band [popuppress id=”147″]producing and co-writing the first 5 albums from1990 to 1996.

During this time he also found time to work with Loop Guru and Fundamental, Since then he has also worked with a range of artists producing, writing and playing for the likes of platinum prize winning artists like [popuppress id=”149″] (5 albums,) (egypt-belgium), Jah Wobble,[popuppress id=”151″], [popuppress id=”154″] (uk),[popuppress id=”156″] (pakistan), [popuppress id=”158″] (uk) , [popuppress id=”160″] (italy), [popuppress id=”162″] (mexico), [popuppress id=”164″] (ethiopia),[popuppress id=”166″] (india-uk), [popuppress id=”141″], Fundamental[popuppress id=”169″], [popuppress id=”171″] and more.


From 2008 till 2013 he has made 3 albums with his project the ethio-uk band [popuppress id=”51″]

recieving 5 and 4 star reviews from guardian, independent, daily mirror etc…

  1. A Town Called Addis – No 1 in world music charts 2008/9
  2. Addis through the Looking Glass 2010
  3. Dub Me Tender – Songlines award winner (best cultural collaboration)  

all released on Real World Records.

The first Dub Colossus album “Addis through the Looking Glass ” went to No1 in the European World Music Charts, and the 3rd album “Dub Me Tender” won the Songlines 2013 best cross cultural collaboration award, being awarded Dec 13th 2013 at the Barbican.

Album 4 – Dub Colossus Dub Band new album is called “Addis to Omega

and was released by IRL may 2014 ( licensed from Echomaster ) The album  concentrates on the Uk/Jamaican facets of the band..with guests inc Mykael Riley, PJ Higgins, Joseph Cotton, Natacha Atlas, Samy Bishai, Albert Kuvezin, Charles Hayward, Orphy Robinson, The Horns of Negus (Ben Somers, Bob Dowell, Neil Waters), Harry Brown, Winston Blissett and Dr Das.

Dub Colossus also helped create the  Syriana  project that led to “The Road to Damascus” album , & produced Samuel Yirga‘s “GUZO,” released on Real World Records

Count Dubulah has toured extensively around the world, playing s number of Glastonbury shows (inc 2013 with …….. ) and various Womad shows around the world, he also recently played the [popuppress id=”176″] in India supporting Oprah Winfrey amongst others…


2015 will see the release of the infamous Greek album, entitled Xáos which has been 10 years in the making, a collaborative  album with Natacha Atlas and Samy Bishai as well as the Dub Colossus projects “Dub Me Tender Vol 3.”

Count Dubulah has also remixed for many artists including:

Buddah Bar originator[popuppress id=”178″](france-tunisia),[popuppress id=”181″] (usa)

[popuppress id=”183″] (south africa), [popuppress id=”185″] (algeria),

[popuppress id=”187″] (uk), [popuppress id=”189″] (canada), [popuppress id=”191″](uk-india), [popuppress id=”193″] (italy), Fundamental (pakistan-uk), [popuppress id=”181″]

(usa), [popuppress id=”196″](usa), [popuppress id=”198″] (uk),The Congos (jamaica) [popuppress id=”200″](Ethiopia) and El Noi (spain).